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Art: Hill's ID Card
thumbs up, turk
empressfunk wrote in the__alliance
What is says on the tin. Behind the cut, for minor spoilers.

"Hill McClain," of course, it not Hill's real name. People tend to change their names when they're on the run and all. He's about thirty here, but I had to restrain myself from drawing in his gray streaks. His life wasn't that stressful yet. I may add more information to the card later on, but for now, I kinda like it. If only I knew how to cut out all that white area around it...

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I love that! And can you believe it did not occur to me at all that Hill McClain would not be his real name? Well, that may be because I forgot that he used to work for the bad guys xD
But the card looks so convincing. So real. If I were you I'd print it and let it laminated :3

Thanks! Haha, well, that's okay--for all intents and purposes, he is "Hill McClain" now, just like Jordan is "Jordan" and not Oscar (except to his siblings).

I totally want to do that. I could carry it around in my wallet and people would think I'm crazy.

But it would be the good kind of crazy. I think. Do it anyway :D

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