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"Stay low. Stay under the radar."

The Alliance
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Fictional original mutants and the fans who love them.
Jordan McClain is a mutant that has escaped from a high-security lab, on the run from the very people who created him and his fourteen brothers and sisters. When his tenth sibling is killed, he knows he must reunite with his remaining family and hide them in the town of San Domingo. Here, seven teenage mutants ignorant to Jordan's dangerous world reside under a mysterious protection. But when Jordan informs the outsiders of their Block, their determination to find out its cause threatens to expose everything Jordan's worked so hard to keep secret.

The Alliance/Anomalies © Myisha Haynes 2001

Who Can Join:
Anyone! Feel free to join and/or watch the community as you see fit. It'll give you access to members-only stuff like new chapter previews, spoilerific plot details and art.

Other Junk
This is also the place where I'll be putting up snippets into the newest story, random ficlets I write that don't make it into the story, or just other general Alliance/Anomalies related goodies.


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The Alliance is Mollie Love.

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