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I love finding old embarrassing shit in my Photobucket gallery.
thumbs up, turk
empressfunk wrote in the__alliance

I wish I could find a larger and less Photoshop-abused version of this picture. I kinda like it even though it's awful.

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Those arms are freaking me the fuck out.

I gotta say, though. I love Jesse. He looks like a little girl.

I used to make a lot of Candybar dolls for my characters: .

Jesse's bountiful locks are a thing of beauty. Those arms and legs though...yeesh.

...brb, getting lost on this site for the remainder of my work day.

Okay, can I be rude and just giggle insanely for a while?


With that out of my system, I would like to say that these are so not as embarrassing as they could be. But yeah. Nice. Shows how much you've improved - if not with your art then with your concept of what's good art! LOL

I encourage it.

Not gonna lie, dollmakers are like crack to me. If I come across one, I have to make Alliance/Anomalies dolls.

For some reason Cody being shirtless is hilarious to me XD

Me too, especially since I don't understand why I made him that way.

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