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More Simnoamlies!
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empressfunk wrote in the__alliance
It's time for another installment of...

When we last left off...everyone was pregnant.

Eric's Mom: Pregnant with Kayle (now Kailen)

Karen's Mom: Pregnant with...some second child who won't appear in the story and who's name I've forgotten.

And Jesse's Mom, who was pregnant with Jesse at some point, but it's probably Adam in this picture, but it doesn't matter anyway because you can't tell.

Moving on.

While the Free Mollies are busy procreating with each other like mutated bunnies, how are the lab-rat Mollies fairing?

Meet the, Eight:

Left to Right, top to Bottom: Baby!Jordan, Bravo, Alpha, Charlie, Echo, November (who is a boy for some reason here), Lima, and Kilo.

For the sake of my sanity, I age everyone up so that they can be maintained a little easier. Last to grow up was Jordan, who's in the middle and looking quite please at himself:

I think he stole those pajamas from Eric.

At Casa de Fifteen, the gang usually participates in such exciting activities as...

Rigorous physical training...

Aptitude tests...

More physical training...

And what looks like combat training, but is actually just a recurring fight between Kilo and Echo.

...That Kilo always wins.

Meanwhile, back at the Young Household...

(I spy a certain red Dodge minivan...)

Eric meets up with the twins who happened to randomly stop by his house...

And takes Rick out back to play some basketball. This is not what little Rick had in mind when Eric told him wanted to "take him out back to show him something." Keep hope alive, Rick.

And again, through the magic of Sims, I age everyone up because Sim toddlers are only cute for about five minutes, and Eric needs to be a teenager already.

The Young Clan, sitting at the dining table like an eeriely normal family.
"I made too BFFs today, Dad!"
"That's great, Eric. Who?"
"That weird yellow kid down at that one lab and that stalkerish girl's older brother!"

Also, this is the problem with creating my Older!Alliance and Young!Alliance folks in the same neighborhood:

Eric was taking Guy to the park, like a good older brother (who's trying to search for other mutants on community lots so I can get the Alliance started already, jeez)...

...and while there, a time paradox occurs! Older!Jace meets Teenaged!Eric at the playground, and helpfully pushes him on the...whatever that thing is called. Merry-go-round, right?

(It's just like outta the new Star Trek movie. And were Jace real, he would've appreciated the irony of it.)

He's also very good with Guy. It'd be sweet if it weren't such a mindfuck.

Possibly-Maybe next time on Simnomalies...

Elijah heads off to college...

Vanessa and Michael chat on the phone like they were already teenagers...

Jesse and Cody have a not-gay-at-all night on the town.

Jesse and Jordan meet and it's love at first sight.

...And sound.



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