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empressfunk wrote in the__alliance

Jordan, once again, believes himself to be the center of things. This story doesn't revolve around you, Jordan. Except that it kinda does.

...Moving on.

That's right. Despite that deceiving first picture, the Alliance do not all live in the same house. (Except for the picture I just showed you, which is a separate house for Older!Alliance folks that is too complicated to get into now...)


Let's stop confusing you and introduce some families.

The Young Family:
Baby!Guy, Aunt Jennifer (soon to be Jesse's mom), James, Rebecca, and little Eric. So much red hair...

Aunt Jennifer, however, doesn't stay with her brother and sister-in-law for too long, because she has this stud... start a family with. Say hi to Liam Woods, everyone.

And Jennifer and Liam waste no time getting their family going:

It's not quite like listening to conch shells, Liam. Nice try, though.

Meanwhile, in the Young House...

...Rebecca is overjoyed to hear she's pregnant with her third son. Just look at the excitement on her face. :|

Actually, if we check in on Karen's mom...

Sims seem to be pregnant a lot in this neighborhood. This is what happens when I have to make families from scratch.

Back at the Woods'...

...Adam, Jesse's older brother, is born, and Jennifer gets rid of her weird haircut and ugly maternity clothes.

On the other, seeder side of town, we find Jace's family. (Here, I've already prepared a slightly-aged version so we don't have to witness yet another pregnant sim. Let's watch.)

Elijah, Ray stuffing his mouth, Deborah, and Jace. Daniel P. is in the background because he's always over the Levin's house because...


...He's just always around.

So, before I end this, let's check back in with the Youngs and the Woods(es?) one last time:

Adam, assisted by his nearly-nude father, is getting ready to celebrate his first birthday.

Rebecca would like to remind you that she is still pregnant.

Next time...

The social habits of the Fifteen...

Eric discovers the joys of basketball, and the not-joy of playing with Rick...

And the Gonazles family.

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My god, that's some of the cutest things I've ever seen! I loved the Fifteen (Five?) studying together, and they're all yellow and white-headed! I love that part of Jordan and his brothers and sisters, by the way. They're yellow!!
Rick looks adorable. XD
Those are, by the way, some very cute oven mitts hanging on the wall. Do they come with an expansion pack, or have you downloaded/made them yourself? :0

Thanks! Unfortunately there are only 8 all together in the house, because that's as much as the game will allow. It's probably for the best; having to control all 15 at one time would've been madness.

And the oven mitts come with an expansion pack (FreeTime, I think). I know Sims can make their own potholders in FreeTime, anyway.

Oh, Rick. I love you.


He's around, I swear! I was going to post a picture of Little!Michael and Little!Vanessa meeting for the first time, but then I didn't because it skipped too far ahead.

Pffft I love that third pic with Daniel doing that pointing thing that probably has a name but I have no idea what it might be XD

More! Can't wait for the next Simnomalies pictures =D


Thanks! I'm not sure what it's called either--I just imagine him going "Ayyyyy!" a-la The Fonz.

I'll be sure to try to post more! :D

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